Saturday, February 27, 2010

For some time now, I've noticed that ALOT of my dishes that I've been preparing are, in some way, connected to the pig. Whether its rendered bacon fat for a soup or sauce, or smoked hog jowls for beans or greens. I even made spring rolls filled with smoked chicken and Virginia Ham (delicious by the way).

There are alot of opinions about pork, good and bad. For instance, Some people consider the pig to be a filthy animal. To this I say, what animal isn't? That's why their called animals. A cow's flatuance and constant regurgitation is enough to make anyone sick, but everyone (non-vegetarian that is) has no problem with grilling up a nice hamburger. And chickens, seriously? Don't get me wrong, both are just as delicious, but there seems to be something a little more special about pork.
The applications are endless. From dried pig ears for dogs, to using the intestines as sausage casings. OK, maybe not a good example, but true nonetheless. My favorite parts are the belly and the cheeks. When prepared right, they are the most tender, delicious parts ever. And if you can swing it, upgrade to the Berkshire or Kurobuta style. Its what Kobe is to beef.

The most famous application is obviously bbq. Nothing beats a whole roasted pig cooking on wood-fired grill for hours on end, slopped with a vinegar-based mop sauce. To have the pleasure of attending a "pig-pickin" is a sight to be hold. Sampling all what the pig has to offer in one seating....priceless.
Favorite BBQ joints: The Pit, Raleigh, NC; Jeanette's Place, Clanton, AL; Little Pigs, Myrtle Beach,SC; Dreamland BBQ, Birmingham, AL; just to name a few.

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